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Carolina Boys Portable Storage Containers

Portable Storage Containers as low as $165 per month!

Low pickup and delivery fee of just $65!

Storage Container Rental: Your Secret to Convenient Storage

Need a secure self-storage unit that provides easy access to your property?

Looking for short- or long-term storage container rental?

Perhaps you’re interested in a permanent storage solution?

You can count on Carolina Boys Portable Storage. With convenient trailer access, you can enjoy carefree storage using our portable storage containers and complete moving services through our affiliate. Plus, with multiple containers available, well have enough storage space for all of your belongings. 

We provide the most secure storage options throughout North Carolina. Place your storage container most places on your property, and enjoy accessing your belongings anytime you want. Then, protect your items for as long as you desire with daily and monthly rates.

Portable Storage Containers vs Off-Site Storage

Why do professionals suggest portable storage containers over off-site storage facilities?

Instant Access to Your Belongings

On-site portable storage containers allow access to your items as often as you desire. This can be a much more convenient route than self-storage units, which typically require time and energy driving back and forth to visit or to retrieve needed items. A storage container rental can also eliminate the hassle of transporting large items repeatedly.

Extra Security Over Your Possessions

Why leave your most valuable possessions at a storage facility when you can safely secure them on your own property? Portable storage containers provide you with more control and the opportunity to monitor your belongings at all times.

Store Your Items on Your Schedule

Are you debating signing a monthly contract for a self-storage unit? Why pay off-site monthly rental fees if you need storage for just a few days or a few weeks? Our storage containers allow greater flexibility in your schedule. Plus, delivery is easy—as fast as five minutes with our on-site delivery service.

Ensure Cleanliness at All Times

Self-storage facilities are often communal spaces that others use to store their belongings for extended periods. The issue is that you have no idea what other people are bringing into their units! Bugs, vermin, foul odors, and germs can all enter your space depending on how negligent others are with their space.

Financial Advantages

If you think off-site storage is cheaper than portable storage containers, then take the cost of transport and additional contract commitments into consideration. Why coordinate all that moving back and forth? Sit back with a cold glass of iced tea and let us make your life easier. 

Prefer to Load Your Belongings Yourself?

You have the option to load and unload your belongings at your leisure. Or you can just load the light stuff while our affiliate partners handle the heavy stuff. Either way, Carolina Boys Portable Storage is here for you. Check out these three tips to help your moving and loading process.


  1. Use sturdy, stackable containers.
    The strength of moving boxes can degrade over time. Using smaller boxes will make it easier to stack boxes and save space. Also, masking tape and cellophane tape might not provide the strength necessary for securing your boxes. We suggest something sturdier, such as packaging tape.
  2. Completely fill boxes to avoid collapsing.
    Avoid half-empty boxes as much as possible. Placing filled boxes on top of partially filled boxes can permanently damage your possessions. Heavier boxes should be placed on the bottom and lighter boxes always placed on top.
  3. Use larger furniture to your advantage.
    We love storing large boxes under and on top of tables to make efficient use of container space. Once in the proper place, we suggest filling dresser and desk drawers to store smaller items that can get damaged if placed in boxes. You can also use old blankets and/or furniture pads to cover tabletops, mirrors, and electronics to ensure further protection.

Additional suggestions…

  • Stock substantial items against the wall and along the sides.
  • Place things you’ll need to access near the entrance.
  • Create an aisle to easily access your belongings (if storing on-site).
  • Store large furniture vertically.
  • Stack chairs seat to seat.
  • Disassemble furniture, such as tables and bed frames to maximize space.


Carolina Boys Protects Your Family’s Prized Possessions

We’ve seen it too many times… priceless family possessions that are destroyed or damaged during the simplest of moves. In our experience, these disasters often occur from improper packing or repacking and transporting belongings from different storage facilities.

Avoid unnecessary accidents and additional stress. Let Carolina Boys Portable Storage provide your family with factory-built portable storage containers that perfectly fit your belongings and budget.

Residents from all over North Carolina use our convenient and professional services because we offer some of the most secure storage container rentals in the area.

We have 16-foot, factory-built storage rentals that…

  • Are trailer ready and can be moved to most areas on your property. We deliver our portable storage containers to difficult driveways, narrow streets, and other hard-to-reach places that most storage container companies will not serve.
  • Provide sturdy steel storage. Keep your property safe from weather and other hazardous elements using our sturdy storage containers. They even have coated polyurethane casters, so they won’t mark your driveway or property.
  • Grant fast delivery and pick-up service. Sometimes just 5-minutes! We’ll even include packing supplies (e.g., moving boxes, furniture pads).
  • Allow flexibility with your schedule and budget. Schedule your storage container for as long and as you need. Are you moving far? Use our affiliate services, whether you’re moving in-town or across the country.
  • Start as low as $165 per month for ongoing storage! Plus, with a low pickup and delivery fee of just $65, you know you are receiving the best service and security for your budget.


Not Moving, but Interested in Renting a Storage Container?

No problem! We’ve had plenty of renters use our services for a variety of reasons, such as…

  1. Affordable, All-Season Storage
    Desire more storage, but uninterested in renting an off-site storage facility? Weve rented to families and businesses seeking an alternate solution. Rest easy knowing you’ll have 24-hour access to personal possessions or office supplies using one of our convenient containers.
  2. Safely Storing Equipment
    Building or remodeling your home or business can leave you scrambling for storage. Renting our budget-friendly containers allows you to store furniture, equipment, bulk inventory, and more
  3. Separate Store Inventory
    Online stores that move a lot of merchandise can benefit from storage container rental if you need additional areas to store products. Think about it this way: the more products you can store, the more you can ship! We are beginning to see this option become a trend as entrepreneurs arise every day.

Interested in securing your belongings in one of our convenient storage containers?

Contact our team today to discuss your ideal schedule and budget!